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Thank you again so very much for your first class service on my mother’s order! You went above and beyond what was expected. Best of luck in your new floral business. Glenwood is very blessed to have you locate there! Thank, you thank you, you were such a blessing!

THANK YOU for all your help with flowers for the funeral. Your expertise and kindness made the whole process so easy. And the floral arrangements were truly beautiful! We are so grateful that you opened shop and offer this valuable service for the Glenwood area.

I want to thank you again for doing such a wonderful job on the flowers we ordered. My son told me his mother-in-law knew immediately who the arrangement was from. They were front and center at the funeral. My daughter in law got to keep them and they were used at their church today and now they are sitting in their home. To be sure, if I need a florist in the Glenwood area, I will be calling you.
Thanks again,

Your flowers were AMAZING!!!!!!!! I love them so much and so did everyone else! The photographer said she could not stop looking at the girls’ bouquets because they look so good with their dresses! Which they did!! Grandma loved my bouquet with the wheat. I thought the green wheat with it was amazing, thank yo so much for doing that! The table flowers looked so good, better than I imagined! Everyone complimented them. My mom said they were the best arrangements she has ever seen! I loved the variety of flowers you used, so many I have never even seen before. All the flowers were stunning! It really made my wedding come together! Thank you Julie!!!!!

Thank you VERY Much for the gorgeous flowers for our banquet this past weekend. WOW – they were absolutely perfect and I received many compliments on the flowers. It was the nice, classy touch! Very Very nice! The corsages/boutonnieres were also perfect. Thank you again!

Hello! I am Julie Lloyd, owner and floral artist of Uptown Florist in Glenwood, Minnesota. I have been producing floral designs professionally for about 30 years. My interest in flowers began at age 5 when I started my first flower garden from a 1cent seed packet from Gurneys! My mother was a florist and I learned floral design by attending design clinics with my mom and practicing at the family shop. I worked as a designer through college, where I gained extensive wedding and event experience that led me to start my own wedding floral specialty business. I also developed a line of silk and dry décor pieces that were featured at furniture stores and gift shops in the Midwest. I am an organic gardener, and my gardens are filled with heirloom flowers as well as vegetables. I’m always trying to grow something new and exciting to incorporate into my bouquets.

I am also a Theatre Artist, and I use my Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts, from Minnesota State University-Moorhead, as well as my experience growing up in a florist family business when I design flowers for events. I approach each wedding or event as a production that is successful through thoughtful planning, meaningful choices, and collaboration. Your special occasion is a unique production in itself, and should be showcased accordingly!

It’s this personal touch and attention to detail that are the cornerstone of our customer service at Uptown Florist. We strive to go above and beyond to get to know our customers’ tastes and style, and allow those to shine through in our design choices. We want to inspire our customers to feel special, even when purchasing a few simple stems for themselves. And we make beautiful bouquets, for beautiful people! It is my hope that you will feel special and inspired when purchasing flowers at Uptown Florist in Glenwood!

Happy Customers at Uptown Florist - Glenwood MN